Pastor: Without Evangelicals, We’d Be Living in a “Godless, Immoral” Nightmare March 25, 2018

Pastor: Without Evangelicals, We’d Be Living in a “Godless, Immoral” Nightmare

In an interview Friday night with FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs, conservative Pastor Robert Jeffress claimed yet again that evangelical Christians are right to continue supporting Donald Trump, a man for whom Jeffress serves as one of many evangelical advisers.

They’re supposed to support him even if damn near everything Trump does violates all those “values” we were always told Christians care about, and even though Trump’s ignorance and incompetence continue hurting our country.

JEFFRESS: It’s always open season on conservative Christians by the media. But let me tell you what’s going on here, Lou. The reason this is happening is: Liberals know that conservative Christians are the last speed bump on the road to the godless, immoral society that liberals dream of, and that is exactly why they are attacking them…

The “godless, immoral” Shangri-La Jeffress is presumably referring to is a nation where kids aren’t worried about being gunned down in school, where trans people can use a bathroom in peace, where gay and lesbian couples can pay for a cake or adopt a child without religious bigotry getting in their way, where people who came to America as children don’t have to fear getting deported to a country they’ve never known because Republicans don’t give a damn about them, and where we don’t have to constantly wonder what new scandal about the president will be exposed by the end of the day.

Who wants that when you can have the Christian utopia that exists in the minds of Jeffress and other white evangelicals?

At the very end of the interview, Jeffress added:

… This is a new day in America, I believe, Lou. And we thank President Trump for creating a new atmosphere where people feel emboldened to share their faith.

I had no idea President Obama banned Christianity while he was in office.

Trump hasn’t made it easier for Christians to share their faith, because they never had it hard to begin with. If anything, being an evangelical is going to become an embarrassing label to hold in the future because of its connections to the modern GOP. (The Princeton Evangelical Fellowship changed its name last October citing the baggage associated with the “E” word.)

Meanwhile, we all know who Trump has emboldened: Racists, bigots, white nationalists, Putin, etc. They’re the ones whose voices are now amplified thanks to Trump and his evangelical Christian base.

John Fea, a professor and Christian himself, has his own reasons for being appalled by Jeffress’ words:

… Donald Trump is the man who has brought pornography and his sexual escapades into the mainstream of public life. Millions of people will tune in tomorrow night to watch Anderson Cooper interview Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes. Also, our kids are exposed to discussions of a Playboy playmate talking about having unprotected sex with the man who would become the President of the United States.

Trump’s personal life is the least of my concerns, but Fea’s point is that evangelical Christians have always said these things were awful… they’re just looking the other way right now since their boy’s the one in charge. The hypocrisy is so glaringly obvious.

At one point in their interview, Lou Dobbs jokes about how an MSNBC news anchor criticized a fellow TV personality who also worked under the NBC umbrella: “How low have we fallen?”

That’s a question all evangelical Christians should be asking themselves.

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