Ohio Republicans Propose Bill to Punish Abortion Doctors with the Death Penalty March 23, 2018

Ohio Republicans Propose Bill to Punish Abortion Doctors with the Death Penalty

Conservatives in Ohio are so “pro-life,” they want abortion doctors to face the death penalty.

At least, that’s the logical consequence of House Bill 565, proposed by Ohio Republican State Reps. Ron Hood and Nino Vitale. It wouldn’t just ban abortions in the state; doctors who perform them could be charged with murder or sued “for the wrongful death of the woman’s unborn child.”

Someone guilty of murder in Ohio can be executed for the crime.

Opponents of the bill fear it could charge doctors with murder, punishable by life in prison or the death penalty.

“Anti-choice extremists from the Ohio Statehouse to the White House are lining up their dominoes to topple Roe v. Wade and punish those who seek or provide abortion care,” said Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, in a statement.

If there’s anything to be hopeful about, it’s that Gov. John Kasich previously vetoed an anti-abortion bill that prohibited the procedure after the fetus has a heartbeat because he felt it wasn’t going to survive a legal challenge. HB 565 is far more extreme and even more likely to be vetoed if it makes it to Kasich’s desk.

But we can still be in shock over how these Republicans — and their 18 co-sponsors — would rather kill doctors who are helping women… in order to save some unborn cells. Good luck trying to make sense of the #ChristianLogic that lets people celebrate the “sanctity of life” while creating a path to execute doctors.

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