Forget the Gun Rally; This Pastor’s Hosting an Event for Persecuted Christians March 23, 2018

Forget the Gun Rally; This Pastor’s Hosting an Event for Persecuted Christians

While an estimated half million people will be marching for stricter gun control on Saturday in Washington, D.C. as part of the “March For Our Lives” rally, one conservative is planning his own rally on Sunday on behalf of the real victims in society: Persecuted Christians.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a frequent defender of Donald Trump, and members of his First Baptist Church of Dallas congregation will host a “March for Eternal Life” rally in their city.

For the last 60 years, secularists have been on a crusade to eliminate any acknowledgement of God from the public square, and the result has been disastrous for our country,” observed Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas. There may be a need for further gun regulation and background checks, but Jeffress compares those efforts to “putting a Band-Aid on a cancerous tumor.” For our nation to truly see change, Jeffress adds, “the hearts of the people in our country must be changed, which can be accomplished only through faith in Jesus Christ.”

Got that, Parkland kids? You can lead the charge for sensible regulation and common sense gun reform, but your friends would still be alive today if they prayed to Jesus a little harder.

What a dick move. Jeffress is using a student-led movement to save lives — a real issue — to draw attention to his fake issue. Atheists haven’t tried to eliminate God from the public square; we’ve fought to make sure governments aren’t promoting God in the public square. There’s a difference. And Jeffress chooses not to understand that.

If he believes Christians are persecuted, then I’d love to hear which religious or non-religious groups he’d like to swap places with. Can we trade politicians? He can sub in anybody he wants for all the atheists in Congress, but I get to do the same with all the Christians.

If Christians have it so rough, that hypothetical should be easy to answer.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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