Satanists Create Alternative “Chick Tracts” Promoting Church/State Separation March 20, 2018

Satanists Create Alternative “Chick Tracts” Promoting Church/State Separation

You’re all familiar with Chick tracts, those short, racist, hate-filled comics urging you to accept Jesus or burn in Hell forever.

Now a group of Satanists are getting in on the action, creating their own version to preach the gospel of church/state separation.

The first tract is called “Constitutional Rites” and it’s all about an evangelical politician named Jason Stanley who wants to erect a Ten Commandments monument outside his state’s capitol building… only to learn Satanists are interested in doing the same thing. (What will he do?!)

(If that sounds remarkably similar to the story of Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert and his idiotic quest to promote Christianity through the government… you’re clearly seeing a coincidence.)

The goal is to raise enough money to print out a whole bunch of these tracts and distribute them in places including… well… Arkansas. You can donate right now, and they’ll send you some tracts when they’re done.

Just FYI, this Kickstarter was launched by Satanic San Francisco. They have no affiliation with The Satanic Temple, the group working to counter the Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas.

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