Finally, an Athlete Blames God After a Loss March 17, 2018

Finally, an Athlete Blames God After a Loss

After hearing athlete after athlete thanking God for their victories, it’s about time we heard someone on the losing side blame God for a loss.

REPORTER:… Why do you think they were able to score so easily?

ATHLETE: We did everything we could. We can really only blame God.

REPORTER: You don’t think it’s because you quintuple-teamed one player, leaving everyone else open?

ATHLETE: Again, I’m just a vessel. I’m like a puppet. God’s running the show.

See?! It’s so easy to do and a perfect way to deflect all responsibility. I’m shocked more players don’t go down this path.

You should also check out former NFL star Arian Foster‘s God-free advice for football players in the Super Bowl.

(via College Humor)

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