Pastor Gene Kim: The Bible Says Cats Are Evil March 16, 2018

Pastor Gene Kim: The Bible Says Cats Are Evil

Pastor Gene Kim of San Jose Bible Baptist Church, who thinks Earth is hollow and Hell is inside, just posted a video that’s somehow even weirder than that.

Short version: The Bible says all dogs go to Heaven, but cats are the absolute worst.

I would love to tell you he’s just joking around and this is some sort of Christian “humor,” but it’s pretty clear he’s serious. (Naturally, he quotes from “1 Pet.”)

Seriously, click on this image and spend some time trying to make sense of all this.

This man is crazy. He is lulu. He is off his rockers. He knows that’s what we’re all thinking, yet he keeps posting these videos. And a lot of people seem to be watching them. There’s no way they’re all hate-watching it like me.

Christ, that’s scary. I sometimes lay awake at night imagining the camera pulling back to reveal a giant audience. I sincerely hope that’s not the case.

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