Tony Perkins: Liberals Are Using Trump’s Affair to “Shame” Evangelical Voters March 15, 2018

Tony Perkins: Liberals Are Using Trump’s Affair to “Shame” Evangelical Voters

Why do so many people point out the hypocrisy of conservative Christians who support Donald Trump? Why do liberals keep mentioning that the people who have long claimed the moral high ground due to their “family values” are currently frolicking in the bottom of the barrel? Why are even fellow Christians quick to shake their heads at white evangelicals who cling to Trump for short term judicial victories?

Religious Right leader Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, knows why: It’s because liberals are trying to “shame evangelicals for their political participation.”

He made the comments on his radio show earlier this week, referring to Trump’s apparent affairs and the media attention being paid to them:

“The intensity of this is growing and this is an effort to shame evangelicals for their political participation. And since I’ve spent the last 25 years, since I left the law enforcement realm and entered into the political realm both in activism and in public office, is to bring Christians to an understanding of what our role is, and our role is to be salt in the light,” Perkins said. “Now, first and foremost, that is to take the gospel to people — living it out.”

Folks, you have no reason to be ashamed of supporting this president. He has kept his promises, and as long as he continues to keep those promises and he continues to conduct himself in a way that is in keeping with the office — you know, if he were to engage in behavior like Bill Clinton, we’re out of here. That support would evaporate quickly,” Perkins said.

So if I have this right, white evangelicals aren’t bothered by politicians’ affairs, as long as they don’t happen in the Oval Office. And calling attention to how conservative Christians are backing Trump no matter what, even though they whined about every little slip-up ever made by Barack Obama, is all part of a plan to make evangelicals feel really bad about themselves so they don’t get involved with politics.

Bullshit. The goal isn’t to shame evangelicals for their political participation. It’s to shame evangelicals for voting for a man who contradicts every value they’ve ever claimed to uphold.

They were lying to the country all this time. They never really cared about the sanctity of marriage, or having a Commander in Chief who was a devout Christian, or the safety of women, or the flip-flopping on previously held positions. All that was merely how they sold their political allegiances to a gullible white evangelical base.

Tony Perkins condemned everything Obama did, as if the man could do no right. And now he constantly shills for Trump, a man who can do no wrong. He is the reason evangelicals are becoming synonymous with hypocrites.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Via Right Wing Watch)

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