Christian Judge Who Wouldn’t Marry Gay Couples Suspended for Three Years March 15, 2018

Christian Judge Who Wouldn’t Marry Gay Couples Suspended for Three Years

While not removing Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance Day from the bench, the Oregon Supreme Court punished him today with the longest sentence it’s ever given to a sitting judge.

Day will be suspended without pay for three years in part for refusing to marry same-sex couples, a la Roy Moore. He went even further by instructing his staff to take measures to avoid “public detection” of what he was doing. If a gay or lesbian couple requested a marriage license, the staff was told to tell them Day wasn’t available. Straight couples, on the other hand, were given a date when Day would conduct the ceremony. (In 2015, Day began refusing to perform weddings altogether, which is what he should’ve done in the first place.)

And that’s just one instance of professional misconduct. Day was found guilty of six of them, from an initial count of eight. Among those

Day refused to marry same-sex couples; Day included a portrait of Adolf Hitler as part of a “Hall of Heroes” artwork display he erected in the Marion County Courthouse; Day shoved his judicial business card at his son’s soccer referee in an attempt to intimidate the referee into backing off; and Day wrongfully allowed a felon to handle a firearm.

A real winner, right there, though it’s worth noting that there’s a plausible explanation for why Vance put the Hitler image up.

But the discrimination against same-sex couples is straight out of the conservative Christian playbook, and Vance is a proud evangelical. Day’s representative claimed that there’s not “even a hint of prejudice against gays on his part,” but his actions clearly show otherwise.

What Day doesn’t understand is a simple truth about his office. As the saying goes, he put his hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution, not the other way around. His private beliefs about gay couples go out the window when he’s on the clock. Instead, his poor judgment was always on display. It’s about time he got punished for it.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Richard for the link)

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