AL GOP Legislator: We Shouldn’t Arm Teachers, Because Most of Them Are Women March 15, 2018

AL GOP Legislator: We Shouldn’t Arm Teachers, Because Most of Them Are Women

Unlike many of his fellow Republicans, Alabama State Rep. Harry Shiver doesn’t think arming school teachers is a good way to protect students.

But before you celebrate his common sense, you should know his reasoning is exactly what you’d expect to hear from a conservative.

He doesn’t want to arm teachers because a lot of teachers are women, and we all know how delicate they are.

Most women, and women teachers in particular, “are scared of guns,” and should not be expected to carry them in classrooms, he said.

“I’ve heard … that 75 percent of Republicans support it, but I was there live and in person and I know what it is like in the schools,” said Shiver. “Most women wouldn’t like to be put in that position. I know from South Alabama, they wouldn’t.”

My brain hurts. He’s taking the right position for all the wrong reasons, and I’m reluctant to be grateful that his sexism guides him in the right direction.

He reiterated his comments to after the House discussion:

“I’m not saying all (women), but in most schools, women are (the majority) of the teachers,” Shiver told “Some of them just don’t want to (be trained to possess firearms). If they want to, then that’s good. But most of them don’t want to learn how to shoot like that and carry a gun.”

Look, there are women in the classroom who will handle a gun just as there are men who want nothing to do with them. That should all be irrelevant. It’s still a dumb idea to put guns in the hands of teachers since that will inevitably lead to more gun violence.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the bill to arm teachers sailed through a Republican-led subcommittee and will head to the full House for a vote. Shiver says he’ll likely abstain.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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