Christian Liar: Google Won’t Show Results if You Search for an AR-15 March 10, 2018

Christian Liar: Google Won’t Show Results if You Search for an AR-15

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton is known to everybody outside his bubble as a man who constantly lies about history in order to make it sound more Jesus-y. It’s one thing when he’s lying about the Founding Fathers, since that might require a bit of research to rebut, but it’s astonishing to me that he lies about things that are so ridiculously easy to fact check.

On his Wallbuilders Live radio show yesterday, Barton and his guests were complaining about airlines revoking discounts for NRA members (even though no one really used them) and they got to talking about how a number of websites were also overreacting to the gun group.

Well, they give discounts on tickets for all sorts of affiliates, but no longer for — and by the way, another overreaction — we know that Google and a lot of the search platforms are not conservative at all. And guess what? If you search right now on Google for A.R.15 it comes up the blank page it will not direct you to anything at all. And several of the national search engines no longer can you search for guns and come out — Now, you can search for some specific brands and find some, but there’s even a lot of brands you can’t get anymore.


If you search on Google for a particular gun, you’ll get a blank page?! When has that ever happened?!

It takes all of a few seconds to prove he’s wrong. And yet this is how Barton works. He lies and lies and lies, knowing no Christian in his orbit will ever call him out on it.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via YouTube)

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