Bill Maher: Trump Has Exposed the Moral Bankruptcy of Evangelical Christians March 10, 2018

Bill Maher: Trump Has Exposed the Moral Bankruptcy of Evangelical Christians

As Bill Maher rightly pointed out last night, one of the only good things Donald Trump has done in the past year is turn evangelical Christianity into a constant punchline.

… It’s more than just prayer. Thanks to Trump, piety itself has ceased to be a third rail in American politics. How could it anymore when the world’s least godly man has been so fully embraced by our most religious people, the evangelicals?

Oh, they love them some Donald Trump, a man who’s been to church four times in his whole life, three of them to get married. The only time he touches a Bible is for depositions. And if he ever went to confession, they’d have to take a meal break. He’s into golden showers, not the Golden Rule. It’s true. He does not tweet people the way he wanted to be tweeted.

So when Trump got his mulligan from the “values voters,” that’s when we knew religion had jumped the shark and it was finally safe to say, “None for me, thanks. I had bullshit for lunch.”

He joked about how Billy Graham‘s death wasn’t the tremendous loss for the nation he’d always figured it would be growing up, since the religion he stood for is hardly worth praising. What about Omarosa Manigault mocking Mike Pence for hearing he voice of God? Yep, mock away. That’s crazy.

Even Oprah doesn’t escape scrutiny for saying she was waiting for a clear sign from God to run for president. When so many Republican candidates have said the same thing — before dropping out of their races, no less — it loses its power.

Naturally, Maher takes far too much credit for being a voice of reason, as if he’s the only one doing it, but that doesn’t take away from his main point that Trump has exposed the moral bankruptcy of white evangelical Christians. There is no moral high ground for them anymore. We know they’ll let anything slide as long as the person in charge has an “R” after his name.

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