OK Gubernatorial Candidate: I’ll Ban Abortion and Ignore Judges Who Say I Can’t March 9, 2018

OK Gubernatorial Candidate: I’ll Ban Abortion and Ignore Judges Who Say I Can’t

You would assume that the race to be the Republican nominee for Oklahoma’s governor would be full of very conservative candidates. But Dan Fisher, a former state representative, is clearly hoping to win the extremist vote.

His platform includes banning abortion completely. And if a court tells him he can’t do that, he says he’ll ignore it. (Because laws don’t matter, I guess, when you take an oath on the Bible.)

At the rally, Fisher laid out his “plan for abolishing abortion in Oklahoma.” As soon as he takes office, he said, he will call an emergency session of the state legislature and “ask for a bill on my desk that criminalizes abortion as murder, and I’ll sign it.”

After that bill is signed, he said, he “will instruct law enforcement officials to immediately close every abortion facility in Oklahoma in accordance with their sworn oaths of office” and then “instruct those law enforcement officers that if they find someone attempting to perform or performing an abortion that next day, they’ll be arrested for attempted or committed murder.”

Next, he says, he “will ignore all court orders” regarding the abortion recriminalization and “advise Oklahoma officials to ignore any federal court summons.” Then he would “call for judicial reform which will remove the power of judicial review from the courts.”

So law enforcement officials would have to obey the law because of their “sworn oaths of office”… but not Fisher, because the law wouldn’t apply to him?

It goes without saying that shutting down abortion clinics wouldn’t prevent abortions. It would only make it harder for women to access safe abortions, forcing them to flee to other states or go through with unsafe, back-alley procedures. Nowhere has Fisher advocated for easier access to contraception because of course he wouldn’t.

Fisher doesn’t give a damn about the unborn. He wants to punish women, including victims of rape and incest. And he’s going to do it all with the help of an evangelical Christian base that never cares about the best interests of women. Hell, most of them voted for Donald Trump, a man who bragged about his acts of assault.

By the way, Fisher’s speech was made to a group of right-wing activists that included Matt Trewhella, who once said the murder of abortion providers was “justifiable,” and Joel McDurmon, who once advocated the death penalty for anyone engaged in gay sex.

If you want any good news, it’s that Fisher is running a distant fourth among Republicans in current polls. But that’s bound to change in the coming months before the June 26 primary.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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