Woman Claiming To Be God Restrained After Trying To Open Cabin Door March 7, 2018

Woman Claiming To Be God Restrained After Trying To Open Cabin Door

A woman flying on a plane from San Francisco to Idaho was restrained by her fellow passengers after she claimed to be God and tried to open the cabin door.

The woman was tied up by passengers and is shown in a video screaming, “I am God, I am God, I am God!” (As one does.)

Passengers onboard United Express Flight 5449 restrained a Boise, Idaho, woman who was ranting about being God. Video posted online purportedly shows a passenger working to tie up the woman’s feet as another man holds her down in the aisle.

“I am God, I am God, I am God,” she was heard screaming in the video.

Moments earlier she’d tried to open the aircraft cabin door while the plane was in flight which was traveling from San Francisco to Boise earlier Monday.

Fortunately, everyone is safe and no one was in any real danger, according to experts.

The United Express Embraer 175 was operated by SkyWest Airlines and had 73 passengers on board.

Experts say it would be impossible to open a door in the pressurized cabin of a plane in the air, but that wouldn’t make it less terrifying for the people on board.

A spokesperson for the Boise police says officers will forward the police report to the local prosecutor to decide if charges should be filed. The FBI may also review the case.

Local authorities and the FBI are investigating the incident, but it seems reasonable to say this is more of a mental health issue than a criminal one. Fortunately, the woman was taken for a medical evaluation when the plane landed. Let’s hope she gets the help she needs.

It’s also interesting that the woman’s fellow passengers never took her seriously when she claimed to be God. They didn’t assume her trying to open the door was part of a Master Plan or some “mysterious ways.” They recognized that made no sense and took action to stop her.

But many of these same people presumably read the Bible, or some other ancient “Holy” text, and conclude that people in similar situations were right to believe a voice they heard was indeed God. They believe when those “prophets” and demigods claim to be God incarnate. What’s the difference?

It makes far more sense to say they were wrong back then that to pretend the passage of time makes these claims less believable.

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