Christian Blogger: Moms Who Put Their Kids in Daycare Are “Marred by the Devil” March 3, 2018

Christian Blogger: Moms Who Put Their Kids in Daycare Are “Marred by the Devil”

In a blog post so wacky you almost can’t tell if it’s serious or satire, fundamentalist Christian blogger Lori Alexander wants women to know that any desire to work outside the home, away from their children, is inspired by Satan.

That’s all easy to say when you have enough financial privilege to raise a family on a single income. But for many families in America — and, naturally, Alexander leaves out single moms who have to be the breadwinner — this is simply not possible. The decision is never about putting money over your children; it’s about providing for your family because you love your children.

There are, no doubt, many moms who would love the opportunity to be with their kids full-time if they could. There are also mothers who love the work they do. And there are others who just want to be around adults so they have achieve a sense of sanity that allows them to be better parents when they’re home.

Every family looks different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution about what’s best for kids, but God forbid Alexander shed any nuance or compassion on a complex subject. If you’re familiar with her blog, you’ll see she’s completely incapable of both.

She writes:

Mothers are to teach and train their children in the ways of the Lord.

You don’t exist, atheist moms. Sorry.

What about the nannies or day-care workers?

Those caring for the children are most likely working for a salary and don’t have the children’s best interest in mind. Yes, there are many great teachers and preschool workers but they can’t possibly fill the role of a mother in the children’s lives. There is just no way.

Who knew Alexander had the power to read the minds of every single childcare provider in existence? Amazing! Giving professionals a salary to care for children doesn’t negate the good work they do, and nobody I’ve ever known pays for childcare hoping to find replacements for themselves. [Hemant’s note: I work from home and I still take my kids to daycare because it’s the only way I can get anything done.]

What does Alexander think would go wrong if kids are watched over by not-the-mamas?

Children are exposed to garbage away from a godly mother’s home. They hear things they shouldn’t hear. They see things they shouldn’t see. Yes, Satan is getting his claws into the children and if mothers aren’t around to protect their children, no one will.

What is it that kids aren’t supposed to see or hear? The alphabet? Children’s songs? Finger paint?

I went to daycare as a kid while both my parents worked, and I turned out just fine. (Of course, I also identify as a feminist and practice a “liberal” form of Christianity… so in Alexander’s eyes, I am decidedly not fine. Too bad.)

The healthiest and happiest children are those who have been raised up by godly mothers full time. They are secure in who they are in Christ and haven’t been marred by the Devil and his schemes. They are prepared to go out into the world and be salt and light instead of trying to heal the wounds from their childhood.

She didn’t provide any citation for that first claim. That’s because none exist.

I can name several people off the top of my head who have childhood wounds precisely because they were raised by parents like Lori Alexander.

Her entire article can be summed up like this: Don’t make decisions about what’s best for your kids based on silly things like circumstances and common sense. Instead, take your cues from a random blogger on the Internet who doesn’t know anything about your home life or the financial needs of your family, and frankly doesn’t care to.

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