Visiting Ark Encounter With a Friend Just for Laughs? It’ll Cost Even More Now February 28, 2018

Visiting Ark Encounter With a Friend Just for Laughs? It’ll Cost Even More Now

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Ark Encounter on here, but Ken Ham just made an announcement to “encourage even more families to visit with their children and youth.” He plans to accomplish that by changing up the pricing structure for Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum.

In essence, Ham is raising prices on adults while lowering prices for children.

Here’s what the old pricing structure looked like:

If you and your spouse wanted to visit up through today, it’d cost you $80 (plus sales tax, plus the $0.50-per-ticket Williamstown Safety Assessment fee). That doesn’t include $10 for parking.

If you brought along your two grade-school children, we’re talking $136 plus the extras. ($160+ if the kids are in high school.)

The new plan makes it slightly cheaper for larger families.

Starting tomorrow, a visit to Ark Encounter will set you and your spouse back $96 (plus all the extras). But if you bring along your two grade-school kids, the whole family can get in for $126+ ($146+ if they’re in high school).

That’s fantastic news if you’re the Duggars. But that’s more money down the drain if you’re a random adult just going to visit.

Hell, we should just call it an “Atheist Tax” since Ken Ham found a way to further punish random atheists who just want to visit the boat with a friend for shits and giggles.

My favorite part of Ham’s announcement, though, was his attempt to compare Ark Encounter to Disney World in order to show that you get more bang for your buck in Kentucky. (Pay special attention to the note at the bottom right.)

Well, yeah, you don’t have to wait in long lines when the attendance is so sparse…

Also, unlike Ark Encounter, kids all over the country actually want to go to Disney World.

I still say you’re better off saving your money and betting it all on a roulette wheel somewhere. At least when you’re gambling, there’s a chance you’ll be better off when you’re done.

(Thanks to Paul for the link)

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