Christian Evangelist: My Prayers Cured a Girl Who Had a Viral Brain Disease February 28, 2018

Christian Evangelist: My Prayers Cured a Girl Who Had a Viral Brain Disease

Christian “prophetic revivalist” Dutch Sheets appeared on GOD TV recently — yeah, that’s a thing — and shared a story about how his prayers revived a girl whose brain had been destroyed by viral encephalitis.

Because who needs doctors, anyway?

… this little girl’s sister came to me and said, “My sister is sick, and she sleeps most of the time.” She wouldn’t tell me she’s in a coma [because] she was afraid I wouldn’t go. And when I got there, I thought, “Yeah, she sleeps most of the time.” She just laying there with her mouth open, drooling, with a feeding tube in her stomach and a [trach tube] in her throat, and it had been this way for year and a half.

And I was overwhelmed… in a nursing home, because they were waiting for her to die. And I said, “Lord…” He said, “I want you to pray for this girl until I raise her up.” Well, I prayed for an hour and nothing happened. Then He said, “I want you to go back every week until I do this.” I said “Okay.” And I thought maybe a month or so, three weeks, and it took a year…

And some weeks, I went twice a week. So I figured by the time I finish this process, I probably had spent 70 hours, at least, standing over this girl. Just praying for her. What do you do? It was like, it was my lab! It was my training year, where God just made me do everything He had ever taught me! Sometimes, I would just worship over her for an hour. Sometimes, I just said, “God, I don’t know what else to do.” I just opened my Bible to the Psalms and I’d start reading the Word, because You said You sent Your Word and healed. Sometimes, I just put my hands on her and just weep. Sometimes, I’d just pray in the Spirit for an hour.

… And people said, “Didn’t you ever want to give up?” I’d say, “Yeah! About 52 times!” Every week for a year because I would leave there and I would say, “God, are you sure you’re sending me to this girl…” She had viral encephalitis, which attacks the lining of the brain, and this virus had destroyed her brain.

And the people in the nursing home thought I was crazy, and they used to mock me and come in, interrupt me when I was praying, and just kinda elbow me out of the way, and I would wait till they finish… It was a tough year! I’d say, “Lord,” on the way home, “Did you really send me this girl? Am I wasting my time?” He’d say, “I sent you to her. You keep praying until I do it.”

And after a year, her sister came to me and said, “They’ve told her she’s developed another infection and she’s gonna die. They’ve taken her to the hospital, if you want to see her alive,” because I’ve gotten close to this girl! I loved her! [She] said, “If you want to see her alive you better go see her.” I went to the hospital, and I leaned over to this girl in the coma, and I said, “This nightmare is almost over.” Because my faith had grown. And I said, “This nightmare is almost over, and you are not gonna die. You are gonna have a new brain and you are gonna be normal.” And I just decreed over her a few minutes and left.

And three days later, with nobody in the room… He walked in that room and He healed that girl and gave her her brain back and restored her completely. It was amazing.

There you go. God gave this girl a viral brain disease, told Sheets that he needed to ask God to heal her repeatedly until God was satisfied, and then God fixed everything.

Sheets says afterwards that God was just teaching him “how to persevere.”

If you weren’t familiar with Christian mythology, you’d say that sounds like the work of a sadistic villain torturing an innocent girl until he gets what he wants.

The story doesn’t make God seem benevolent. It makes God sound like a monster. He kept a little girl in a coma for the better part of a year in order to teach a follower how to persevere.

Just to point out the obvious, we don’t know the girl’s name. We don’t know what her medical records look like. We don’t know what the doctors said. We don’t know what actual treatments she received.

But I would mention that, as bad as viral encephalitis sounds, people can indeed recover from it given proper antibiotics and drugs.

Or, you know, God just performed some magic after one of his Christian puppets obeyed his demands for a year.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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