NFL Star Geno Smith Is the Latest Athlete Claiming the Earth is Flat February 26, 2018

NFL Star Geno Smith Is the Latest Athlete Claiming the Earth is Flat

Geno Smith, the former Giants and Jets quarterback, has thrown his helmet into the Flat Earth conspiracy theory ring.

Over the weekend, he argued that we still couldn’t be sure of the shape of the planet, joining a disturbing (yet thankfully small) group of athletes including NBA star Kyrie Irving who are sowing doubt in reality.

His followers were quick to point out that, yes, we know the shape of the Earth. The evidence is everywhere.

Smith was having none of it.

Yep, Photoshop was fooling everyone back in… 1969.

Every conversation with Smith goes like this:

The Earth is flat! Prove me wrong!

[Here’s evidence.]


The NFL really needs to revisit its concussion protocols.

So… what homework are we supposed to be doing when Smith calls any piece of evidence heretical? It’s that same warped logic that led him to cast doubt on the Big Bang theory and evolution.

But don’t worry. He admitted he was just joking around later. I think. Maybe.

(That message, of course, got virtually no attention relative to his Flat Earth tweet.)

And since we’re on the subject of a guy who believes in bullshit despite all the evidence to the contrary, here’s what he was saying yesterday.

Of course he thinks that.

For the record, that claim makes as much sense as the Flat Earth one. The only difference is that more people accept the God lie.

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