Bryan Fischer: The Bible Proves Humans and Dinosaurs Lived at the Same Time February 24, 2018

Bryan Fischer: The Bible Proves Humans and Dinosaurs Lived at the Same Time

On his “Focal Point” show yesterday, right-wing commentator Bryan Fischer claimed the dinosaurs and humans lived on Earth at the same time.

He’s right… give or take 65 million years.

Naturally, he cited the Bible (not science) in his defense, referring to Job 40:15-24 which mentions a “Behemoth.” You can see it at the 12:59 mark of this video (which isn’t embeddable right now).

… this “Behemoth” was probably one of those [dinosaurs]. And God says to Job, “Behold him! I want you to come outside and take a look.” Which means that the Sauropods were contemporaneous with man! For a time, contemporaneous with Job, ’cause Job could walk outside and look at them!

Fischer is confusing reality with an episode of the Flintstones. But this is the standard Creationist approach to the world. Take a random Bible verse, assume it’s true, then cram all of human knowledge into those words, no matter how much you have to stretch your interpretations to make it work.

It’s dishonest. But what else would you expect when dishonesty is Creationist currency?

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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