A Christian Group Wants Schools to Remind Children “You Shall Not Murder” February 23, 2018

A Christian Group Wants Schools to Remind Children “You Shall Not Murder”

The right-wing American Family Association knows exactly how to stop the next school shooting,

They want every public school in America to post a sign that says “You shall not murder,” a reference to the Sixth Commandment.

While the country is discussing gun control laws, we think our young people should also be reminded that innocent human life is precious. Murder is against the law in every state, and these four words also emphasize that it’s morally wrong.

Schools regularly use words to encourage and discourage behavior. We tell students, “Say no to bullying,” “Don’t text and drive,” and “Say no to drugs.” In light of the increasing violence in our schools, let’s send the clear message, “You shall not murder.” This is the sixth of the Ten commandments.

I guess the implication here is that if kids understood that killing people is wrong, they wouldn’t do it. That condescension tells you a lot about how well the AFA understands children; they think kids don’t already get this. Or that anyone should take the Ten Commandments seriously. Or that a bunch of adults giving children a rule will actually work.

Kids know bullying is wrong. They know texting while driving is dangerous. They know drugs are harmful. The ones who do those things anyway do so despite the posters. More importantly, kids get their licenses revoked if they’re caught driving dangerously. They’re punished if they’re caught doing drugs. Meanwhile, conservatives want people to have more access to guns.

If anything, telling kids God doesn’t want them to murder will result in a bunch of students pointing out all the times the Christian God committed acts of genocide in the Bible.

The people who think transgender people will hurt you if they are allowed to use the proper bathroom have no credibility when it comes to offering solutions to actual problems.

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