Police Investigated a HS Student Who Drew a Square Root Symbol in Math Class February 22, 2018

Police Investigated a HS Student Who Drew a Square Root Symbol in Math Class

In a story that I didn’t believe at first, a student at a Louisiana high school was investigated — the police searched his home for weapons — because his classmates said he made vague threats and drew something that looked like a gun.

It was actually a square root sign.

This happened in math class.

Seriously. They went into his home to make sure he didn’t have weapons to carry out his alleged “terrorist” threat.

I guess they all thought he was…

( •_•)>⌐■-■

… radicalized.

Here’s the message posted on the Facebook page for the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office.

On Tuesday afternoon, February 20th, Detectives investigated an allegation of terrorist threats at the Oberlin High School. The investigation revealed that a student was completing a math problem and drew the sign for square root. Another student made a comment that the symbol looked like a gun and several other students made similar comments. The student in question made a comment, which taken out of context, “could” sound like a threat.

Detectives also searched the students home and found no evidence that he possessed or had immediate access to any type of firearm. Further there was no evidence that the student had any intent to commit harm upon any students or faculty.

The student used extremely poor judgement in making the comment, but in light of the actual circumstances, there was clearly no evidence to support criminal charges.

The matter was turned over to the Allen Parish School Board for determination of disciplinary action.

I don’t know what he said that concerned his classmates so much, but this seems like irrational thinking run wild.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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