After Mass Shooting, FL House Votes to Put “In God We Trust” Signs in Schools February 22, 2018

After Mass Shooting, FL House Votes to Put “In God We Trust” Signs in Schools

The Florida House — the same lawmakers who rejected a ban on assault weapons while declaring porn a health risk — has finally figured out a way to prevent more gun violence.

They’re going to put the words “In God We Trust” in every classroom.

State Rep. Kim Daniels

The bill (HB 839) would require all public schools to post the state motto, “In God We Trust,” in a “conspicuous place.”

Sponsor Rep. Kim Daniels, a Jacksonville Democrat who runs her own ministry, said Florida needed the legislation, given the goings on in the state.

“He is not a Republican or a Democrat. He is not black or white,” Daniels said. “He is the light, and our schools need light in them like never before.”

She spoke directly of the school shooting, and said it’s no secret that the state has “gun issues” that must be addressed.

“But the real thing that needs to be addressed are issues of the heart,” Daniels said.

I’m sure the students in Parkland feel better already. If only these signs were in classrooms last week…

The bill passed through the House on a 97-10 vote. Maybe those 97 legislators have no idea that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was already home to a club called First Priority, a Christian group, before the shooting. Or maybe they think future mass murderers will see the signs and rethink their actions. Or maybe God will finally get the hint that He doesn’t have to let innocent people be murdered by a disgruntled former student because He clearly forgot to intervene last time.

Or maybe these bipartisan fools finally think they’re doing something useful when the truth is they haven’t done a damn thing that matters. They’re using a massacre to push religion into public schools.

What’s on their agenda tomorrow? A rain dance? Replacing health insurance with homeopathic pills? Boosting the economy via dowsing rods?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from listening to teachers in the wake of last week’s shooting — something these legislators obviously haven’t done — it’s that they don’t want to be told how to do their jobs, especially in ways that have nothing to do with the students’ education. They don’t want to arm themselves with lethal weapons, and they don’t want to post Christian signs in their classrooms.

This is a useless bill. It’s another sign that nearly the entire State House needs to be replaced in the next election.

By the way, if the name Kim Daniels rings a bell, it might be because, a year ago, she posted a video on Facebook condemning witches and warlocks (since they’re the real threats to our democracy).

I used to think sending “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy was the least politicians could do to help the victims. I was wrong. This is even worse. Just watch Daniels’ full speech beginning at the 3:50 mark of this video. If anyone told you “In God We Trust” wasn’t about Christianity, her speech is a clear sign those people are lying to you.

What a joke these people are.

(Screenshot via The Florida Channel. Thanks to Melissa and Joseph for the link)

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