Right-Wing Pastor: FL Shooting “Demonic Attempt” To Bring the Antichrist February 17, 2018

Right-Wing Pastor: FL Shooting “Demonic Attempt” To Bring the Antichrist

A conservative pastor says the recent mass shooting at a high school in Florida that killed 17 people was not caused by a mentally unstable murderer at all. It was actually a “demonic attempt” to enact gun reform legislation… in preparation for the Antichrist (because that makes sense).

The shooting was a demonic attack meant to weaken the United States through reasonable gun control, which would usher in the Antichrist, according to Carl Gallups, a conspiracy theorist pastor who spoke at Trump campaign rallies in 2016.

“This has its origins in the spiritual realms,” he said. “There is a concerted demonic attempt to undermine the United States of America, to bring it down, to destroy the most precious among us. Why is that such a demonic attempt? Because we know the scriptures say that there will arise a generation that will see this Antichrist system, this one-world order … The bottom line is we are headed that way.”

“The United States is the largest Christian nation the planet has ever seen,” Gallups continued. “It’s the number one military superpower, it’s the number one economic superpower and so there is a demonic attempt to destroy it, to bring it down, to break the culture into some kind of submission. One of those ways is to take away our ability to defend ourselves, so every time something like this happens, the leftists start screaming—you can almost hear it from the pits of hell—’Take away all the guns, take away all the guns.’ That’s not the solution and we all know it’s not and we know why, but we hear that, so this is very spiritual, it’s very deep, it’s very dark.”

I thought these nut jobs were under the impression that Obama is the Antichrist, so I’m extremely confused. I’m also not sure about what Gallups thinks the “solution” to mass shootings is. If gun regulation isn’t the answer, then what is? Prayer? Exorcisms? I feel like these things have been tried for centuries, and the problem is only getting worse.

It’s convenient for Gallups and other right-wingers to say this is the result of some untouchable “spirit realm,” because it allows them to escape liability and postpone action even longer, but the fact is this is an earthly issue with earthly answers. Dealing with this problem here and now is how we fix it — not putting it off for future generations or leaving it up to non-existent demons and angels. Let’s be reasonable, and look at the facts at hand. Looking backward at ancient religious scriptures will get us nowhere.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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