Christian Radio Host: God Could’ve Stopped FL Shooting If Kids Prayed in School February 15, 2018

Christian Radio Host: God Could’ve Stopped FL Shooting If Kids Prayed in School

A lot of people offer “thoughts and prayers” after a deadly shooting, and it’s often meant only to signal sympathy with the victims, but some Christian extremists think prayer could actually prevent the attack from happening in the first place.

That group includes Christian radio host Bryan Fischer, who heard the news that at least 17 people died in a school shooting in Florida and immediately thought: “God could have prevented this, if only He had known it was going to happen!”

Fischer said on Twitter that, if only the students had prayed beforehand, the all-knowing and all-powerful Christian God would have been more prepared and more capable of stopping the tragedy from occurring in the first place.

Hey, here’s an idea: why don’t we pray in schools BEFORE these shootings happen instead of waiting until we have dead students? Why does somebody have to die before even start talking about prayer? This is the 19th school shooting this year. What do we have to lose?

First of all, plenty of people were praying in school before yesterday’s tragedy. They were praying for the victims of the previous school shootings.

And we have plenty to lose by forcing praying upon everybody, which is what Fischer really wants. For one thing, we have a separation of church and state that is slowly slipping away. Kids are already more than welcome to pray on their own, to any deity they wish, whenever they want. Does God not care about those prayers? Does the Christian God only listen when atheists and Muslims are forced to join in those prayers?

As we learned with the mass shooting in a Charleston (South Carolina) church in 2015, or the mass shooting in a Sutherland Springs (Texas) church last November, you could be surrounded by prayer and it won’t prevent someone with a desire to kill and easy access to a weapon. Prayer isn’t the answer.

Fischer went even further in his too-soon Twitter tirade, actually blaming the separation of church and state for the deaths in Florida. He said “activist judges” have mangled the Constitution and left children “vulnerable to violence.”

I’ve read the Constitution, too. It doesn’t say, “You can’t pray in schools” anywhere in there. Why do we let activist judges who mangle the Constitution push us around, make our sons and daughters vulnerable to violence?

Fischer reads the Constitution even less often than he reads the Bible. And I doubt he’s ever read the Bible. Again, no one ever stopped students or teachers or administrators from praying on their own.

If he ever gets around to reading the Constitution, though, he would see there are no mentions of “God” or “Jesus,” and no prescriptions for forcing public schools to adopt Christian rituals and principles.

At some point, Fischer and the Republican politicians who say the same things should ask themselves: If all these prayers haven’t stopped the shootings that have been a constant presence in our lives for several years now, maybe their God isn’t paying any attention. Hell, if prayers worked, we wouldn’t even need guns. It’s time for legislators to stop hiding behind their prayers and take real action to limit these tragedies in the future.

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