Republicans Should Admit Their Prayers Do Nothing to Stop School Shootings February 14, 2018

Republicans Should Admit Their Prayers Do Nothing to Stop School Shootings

Another mass shooting. Another round of Republicans offering their thoughts and prayers while doing absolutely nothing of substance to prevent these tragedies from occurring again.

Senator Marco Rubio isn’t unique in that regard, but his tweet earlier today regarding the victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School may be the most clear example of how useless politicians’ prayers are.

He added on Fox News: “A day you pray will never happen has happened.”

This is exactly what gun safety advocates say after every shooting: It doesn’t matter how often you pray. God isn’t listening. Your prayers help nobody but yourself. We need legislation and regulation, not proselytization.

Rubio inadvertently admitted that today. He correctly noted that people pray and pray that a day like today doesn’t happen… and yet it did.

The problem is that the Republicans who say all these things get plenty of cash from groups like the NRA, and they refuse to accept any evidence that easy and plentiful access to guns is the primary contributor to these shootings. It’s GOP heresy to say anything like that.

So they’ll never fix the problem. But they’ll keep praying it doesn’t happen… even when it happens over and over. And at no point will they ever stop to ask themselves why their prayers aren’t accomplishing anything.

It’s the delusion of religion coupled with an ever-increasing body count.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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