Teacher Allegedly Told Kid Protesting the Pledge to “Go Back to Your Country” February 13, 2018

Teacher Allegedly Told Kid Protesting the Pledge to “Go Back to Your Country”

According to an incident report from Clovis East High School in California, and obtained by the Fresno Bee, science teacher Ken Dias allegedly reprimanded a student who wouldn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance by telling her “Go back to your country.”

The student, who’s both Hispanic and Laotian, was born in the United States.

Thailia Luna said she remained seated for reasons similar to NFL players who kneeled during the National Anthem this season to protest racism. There’s no “liberty and justice for all” in a country where minorities are too often treated like criminals by law enforcement officials.

[Luna] said that agriculture science teacher Ken Dias took her phone after she refused to stand during the pledge on Wednesday. “He repeatedly told me I was a disgrace and continuously yelled at me across the classroom from his desk,” Luna, 14, wrote in the report obtained by The Bee. “A student began to cry and asked him to stop and he told her to shut up.”

Dias wasn’t in school late last week, and Monday was a holiday, but he’s scheduled to be in the classroom today. We don’t know any more details because of privacy laws.

The Bee notes that this District has been a hotbed of racial problems for a while now.

As a former teacher, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could get so worked up over a student not saying the Pledge. You have so many other real things to worry about every day that a student’s quiet protest ought to be the least of anyone’s worries.

Keep in mind that we haven’t heard Dias’ side of the story, and likely never will, but I hope Luna remains seated. She’s doing everything right. It’s her teacher’s job not to react.

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