Pastor Found with Nude, Tied Up Man Swears “On a Stack of Bibles” Nothing Happened February 13, 2018

Pastor Found with Nude, Tied Up Man Swears “On a Stack of Bibles” Nothing Happened

A pastor in Pennsylvania was charged with lewdness and indecent exposure after being found in a car with a nude, tied up man parked on a public residential street. But he says nothing sexual happened, and he swears to God and “on a stack of Bibles” that he’s not guilty.

Police found Pastor George Nelson Gregory in the back seat of a parked car with another man, who was naked and bound with nylon rope, in the front. The officers were following up on a report of a suspicious vehicle parked outside of a residential home, according to local reports.

The criminal complaint says when officers asked what was going on, Gregory told the officers that they “were just playing” and he and the other man “meet up from time to time to play with each other.” The other man confirmed that what they were doing was consensual.

The man who reported the suspicious vehicle told police that at one point, he saw the second man get out of the vehicle without any clothes on, and he was concerned because the car was parked outside his daughter’s window.

Gregory allegedly told the officers he thought they were in a private place, and when an officer said their vehicle was on a well-lit public street in clear view of several homes, Gregory told police, “I know.”

The police report shows the pastor was relatively open about what was happening that night, perhaps because he was hoping for anonymity or lenience from the officers, but that tune changed once his name became public. He denied having the conversations reported by police, and said the issue was not related to sex at all.

“I have nothing to hide. I did nothing wrong,” Gregory said.

He says they were approached by police because they “thought somebody had passed out or something, that’s what the call was.”

“I was counseling a young man with a drug problem,” Gregory said. “It did turn strange, but it wasn’t my doing, OK? And I was adamant that I’m not participating in that way. And so that’s when the police pulled up, and they assume things, but I’m standing by my story. It’s not true.”

According to Gregory, he has been working with the man for a few years, and he and his wife have tried to get him help.

Yes, because people who are telling the truth often have to say, “I’m standing by my story.” He claims he was just trying to help this poor naked man, who was tied up in the car with him, but not “participating” in that way. It’s possible he just has a fetish, which would be fine if he weren’t also a hypocrite preaching the sins of homosexuality.

But it wasn’t enough for Gregory to deny what happened. He had to bring his divine Creator into things, invoking his name in his defense.

“I won’t deny that he began to take his clothes off and propositioned me, but I will deny, on a stack of Bibles with God as my witness, that I did nothing,” Gregory said.

Gregory says he had his clothes on during the alleged incident, so “there’s no reason for me to be charged with open lewdness.”

Unfortunately, God and “a stack of Bibles” won’t be testifying on behalf of the defendant. We have what the police saw and recorded and our common sense. That should tell us everything we need to know.

(Screenshot via CBS)

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