This Devil-Defeating Child Preacher is Disturbing to Watch February 11, 2018

This Devil-Defeating Child Preacher is Disturbing to Watch

Little kids acting like adults? Cute.

Little kids acting like preachers inspired by God? Brainwashed.

There’s nothing adorable about this. Does he even understand what he’s saying?

I’ll tell you what: If he were “preaching” about atheism or Islam or Satanism this way, it’d be considered some form of mental child abuse. But because we’re so used to preachers who sound like this, most of the comments underneath the Facebook post are supportive of his devout faith. Even the caption reads, “Looks like this little boy knows what he wants to be when he grows up…”

The kid’s a dynamic speaker. Too bad he has nothing worthwhile to talk about.

(Thanks to Rachel for the link)

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