Shocker: Flat-Earther Fails To Launch Homemade Rocket (Again) February 6, 2018

Shocker: Flat-Earther Fails To Launch Homemade Rocket (Again)

You’ll all be very sad to learn that “Mad” Mike Hughes, the man who promised to launch himself into the air in a homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat — and then made that same promise again last week after the first attempt was supposedly foiled by the government — couldn’t get his rocket up over the weekend.

This time, he blamed the rocket’s actuator, which blocked the ignition.


He added that in order to address what he believes might be causing the problem, someone would need to climb under the rocket, and that the process could be extremely dangerous if that happened immediately after the failed launch. “This ain’t no joke, this thing’s got about 10 different ways to kill you, ok?,” Hughes said.

Uh-huh. Sure. He’s wrong about the Earth being flat and he’s wrong when he says this ain’t no joke. I’m pretty sure everyone’s laughing at him.

Consider a moment of silence, if you will, for the poor Darwin Award gathering dust in a closet somewhere. It had Hughes’ name written all over it… but now it’ll just have to wait for someone else to claim the prize.

(Thanks to Jaynee for the link)

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