Flat-Earther Plans New Homemade Rocket Launch After Failed First Attempt January 27, 2018

Flat-Earther Plans New Homemade Rocket Launch After Failed First Attempt

You may remember “Mad” Mike Hughes from November, when he promised to launch himself over a small California town in a homemade rocket that says “Research Flat Earth” across the side. He says the government foiled his initial attempt, but that he has a new plan to launch February 3.


Hughes, who declared his first failed attempt a victory because he got lots of media attention, is now planning his launch for the day before the Super Bowl. He says his attempt, which will be broadcast on NoizeTV, will be more popular than the football game.

While he’s using Super Bowl Weekend as a chance to garner attention, he said, “The Super Bowl means nothing. Are the (Eagles) going to make it this year?”

“I should get more viewers than the Super Bowl,” said Hughes… “The Super Bowl halftime show is nothing but bulls***. You think I care what Tom Brady does? It doesn’t matter. He throws a football.

“People in Finland and Hungary don’t care about the game, but they’ll care about this launch. Of course I’m nervous. Who wouldn’t be? But some people think I’m the man who will change the world and, who knows, maybe they’re right.”

Hughes has yet to complete a launch, but he claims this time it will really happen. He blames the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management for his earlier failure, but says this time he has it all figured out.

Now that he’s found some private land in the “ghost town” of Amboy, California — complete with a brand-spanking-new road that’ll enable him to get his motor home and rocket gear to the site — the risky endeavor is a go.

“It’ll be a vertical launch, me strapped into the rocket with 6,000 pounds of thrust, going up about three-eighths of a mile,” he said, noting it’s a prologue to a major launch this Fourth of July weekend. “It’s the ultimate Wile E. Coyote move.”

Yes, it is a Wile E. Coyote move, and we all know how well that works out for the cartoon character.

That’s why I (and others have) said Hughes would likely win a Darwin award if he actually followed through with the launch, which he apparently didn’t appreciate. I emailed him to ask about the new jump, and its connection to the Flat Earth, and received this response:

“I just read the lame article you write [sic] about me GO FUCK YOURSELF.”

Hughes wouldn’t speak to me on the phone, but he did tell the Philly Voice about his connection to the Flat Earth movement. In the interview, he seems to back down from his earlier commitment to the cause, and says he just wants people to research everything.

He even said the Flat Earth conspiracy “divides people” and “that’s the last thing we need these days, more divided people.”

“All I’m saying is people should look into it or investigate it, just like they should investigate and research everything in their lives. Research the post office. Did you know you can mail a letter for three cents? I’m looking at one right now. Look into everything. Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny. The Bush family. Research your City Council. That’s where they start stealing the money from you in the first place.”

Sorry, Hughes, but you won’t get off that easily. If you didn’t want to promote the idea that the Earth is flat, either for lack of funding or your personal beliefs, you wouldn’t have plastered “RESEARCH FLAT EARTH” across your “rocket.” If you thought it was the same as the Easter Bunny, then why didn’t you post that on your website instead?

The answer is simple: he just wanted people to research the Flat Earth and reach his conclusion — that NASA and the government have been lying about the shape of the Earth — but now it seems he’s realizing he could be wrong, so he’s backtracking.

The flip flop is a standard political move, so it should come as no surprise that Hughes also says he’s running for governor of California.

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