Man Flips Truck 5 Times, Says Jesus Told Him to “Let Go of the Wheel” January 26, 2018

Man Flips Truck 5 Times, Says Jesus Told Him to “Let Go of the Wheel”

A Tennessee man, Chad O. England, recently survived an accident in which his truck flipped an incredible five times. When questioned by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, he told them he intentionally caused the accident because Jesus “called him” and “advised him to let go of the wheel.”


Two witnesses said they saw England speeding down the highway, when, for no apparent reason, he left the roadway on the right side. THP reported England said that he did not take off running, he was “being called and was traveling to bow before someone.” He also stated he was not driving, but he was behind the wheel.

England seems pretty consistent in his story: he simply took Carrie Underwood’s genius advice and let “Jesus Take the Wheel.” He got a sudden moment of divine inspiration. Who are we to question his beliefs?!

The problem here, and the reason England was arrested, is that God wasn’t the only substance he was abusing.

According to the police, he was running away from the vehicle, carrying a jar, and “speaking gibberish” when they apprehended him.

According to the report, as deputies searched the vehicle, they found six grams of marijuana, 0.6 grams of cocaine, a pipe, rolling papers, a ¾ empty bottle of Crown Royal, a small empty bottle of Crown Royal, and several cans used of ‘huffing.’

He denied a blood draw, but was obviously under the influence of drugs, according to the incident report.

England may have been too drunk and high to realize he shouldn’t literally let Jesus drive, but many people claim to hear God’s voice speaking to them without any drugs or mood-altering substances. Is his story really that much crazier than someone wandering in the desert, claiming to speak to God through a burning bush?

At least the police decided his story wasn’t divine.

England was arrested and charged with DUI first offense, felony possession of schedule II for resale, possession of schedule VI, and possession of paraphernalia, open container, no driver’s license in possession, failure to exercise due care, no registration in possession, violation of implied consent, and no insurance in possession.

Maybe if this story took place 1,000 years ago, we’d be reading about the tales of Chad England in Sunday School.

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