Ireland’s Pubs Will Be Open on Good Friday After 90-Year-Old Ban is Rescinded January 26, 2018

Ireland’s Pubs Will Be Open on Good Friday After 90-Year-Old Ban is Rescinded

The Irish people who want to have a drink on Good Friday will no longer be denied. For the first time in nearly a century, it will be legal for Irish pubs to sell alcohol on religious holidays.


The law, entitled the intoxicating liquor bill 2017, was unanimously supported as it passed the Dail — the Irish parliament. It will now be enacted in time for Good Friday 2018, which falls on March 30.

The 90-year-old ban was lifted in part because of the nation’s changing religious demographics. While Ireland is still overwhelmingly Catholic, last year’s census revealed a 74% increase in the percentage of people declaring “No religion.” More importantly, the influence of the Catholic Church has waned, with many believers keeping the label out of tradition and obligation more than an adherence to irrational beliefs.

The pubs will likely still be closed on Christmas, but only because most people aren’t going out at all that day, spending time with their families instead.

Good Friday, however, was a part of the tourist season and the beginning of a holiday weekend. All the more reason for the nation to just treat it like any other Friday.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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