“Psychic” Gets 2 Years for Evading Taxes on $3.5M Charged for Exorcisms January 19, 2018

“Psychic” Gets 2 Years for Evading Taxes on $3.5M Charged for Exorcisms

A woman who claims to be a psychic was sentenced to federal prison after charging an elderly woman $3.5 million to perform so-called exorcisms.


41-year-old Sally Ann Johnson was given two years and two months behind bars. She was also ordered to repay the woman — and to pay $725,000 to the Internal Revenue Service.

Prosecutors say Johnson ran businesses that claimed to offer psychic readings and spiritual cleansing and strengthening.

Between 2007 and 2014, prosecutors say a Martha’s Vineyard woman paid Johnson about $3.5 million for services that claimed to rid the woman of demons.

Johnson took advantage of an elderly woman, charging her exorbitant amounts of money for literally nothing, but that wasn’t what earned her the two-year stint in prison. She received that for being so greedy that she also tried to hide it from the IRS.

Prosecutors say Johnson didn’t report the income and tried to hide the money to avoid paying taxes.

Johnson pleaded guilty in October to attempting to interfere with the administration of IRS laws.

Remember, kids: if you want to make a career out of lying and ripping off elderly people who believe in spirits, just don’t try to hide it from the government. Be transparent about your con game, and as long as it involves the supernatural, you should be fine!

A lot of people like to blame the victims in cases like this, saying they deserve to be taken advantage of because they’re gullible, but being gullible (or senile) isn’t a crime. Lying and stealing is.

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