Evangelist: I’m Not an Atheist Because 10-Foot-Tall Demons Entered My Hotel Room January 16, 2018

Evangelist: I’m Not an Atheist Because 10-Foot-Tall Demons Entered My Hotel Room

I’ve heard a lot of stories from people with disabilities who believe God made them that way as part of some divine plan. Whether they’re born with those conditions or developed them after an accident, they found comfort by seeing their life through God’s eyes, and their stories can be inspirational for many believers.

Nick Vujicic wasn’t born with arms or legs, and he’s become a successful evangelist through his ministry Life Without Limbs, which helps believers become “the hands and feet of Jesus.”

But in a recent Facebook video, around the 12:55 mark, he offered a bizarre explanation for how he knew God existed…

… Look, I can’t show you God. I can’t show you an angel. But one of the reasons why I’m not an atheist, and one of the reasons why I don’t believe that science explains everything, is because I’ve seen miracles and I’ve seen demons.

I’ve seen 10-foot-tall demons, 5-foot wide walk in through my San Francisco hotel room. And I’ve felt the demon presence, the demonic presence, before the demon actually walked through the wall.

And so when you… understand that science can’t explain everything, if science did explain everything, then voodoo, witchcraft is fake as well. We know it’s real, so then there is a spiritual realm…

Well, there you go. He sensed the Giant Demons were coming, and then they walked through his hotel room walls. Obviously. How do you atheists not believe when the proof is so clear? And don’t you dare complain about them walking through walls. You think a five-foot-wide demon can just squeeze through the door?! Silly heathens. It’s called logic.

(via The Christian Post)

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