Watch “Young Sheldon” Learn the Confusing Details About Catholicism and Mormonism January 12, 2018

Watch “Young Sheldon” Learn the Confusing Details About Catholicism and Mormonism

We’ve already seen the main character on CBS’ Young Sheldon challenge his family and a pastor on their beliefs. Last night’s episode went even further into the budding atheist’s exploration of religion.

After getting “caught” playing Dungeons & Dragons, Sheldon’s mother tried to push more religion onto him, only to have Sheldon begin researching as many faiths as possible (like a good scientist). That led to him straight-up asking his friend to explain Catholicism and a librarian to explain Mormonism.

SHELDON: Tam, you’re Catholic, right?

TAM: Yes.

SHELDON: Explain it to me.

TAM: Explain what?

SHELDON: Well, for starters, who do you pray to?

TAM: I guess Jesus, God, and Mary.

SHELDON: Jesus isn’t God?

TAM: No. He’s the son. But you do eat him and drink His blood. Oh. There’s also a ghost. But not the scary kind.

SHELDON: Like Casper?

TAM: Exactly!

SHELDON: And how does the Pope work?

TAM: Well, the Pope lives in Italy. He has a special car and a big pointy hat. It’s a wonderful hat.

SHELDON: And is there any thing else I should know about?

TAM: Every once in a while, you have to confess your sins to a priest.

SHELDON: Not me, I don’t have any sins!

TAM: Then you have the sin of pride.

SHELDON: Your religion is making me feel bad.

TAM: That’s how you know it’s working.

SHELDON: Ms. Hutchins, what’s your religion?

MS. HUTCHINS: I’m a Mormon. Why?

SHELDON: I’m conducting a research project. Can you tell me about being a Mormon?

MS. HUTCHINS: Well, it started in New York when a man found gold plates buried underground. The plates said that when we die, we get to go to our own planet. Unless you’re a woman. Then you have to go to your husband’s planet. But that won’t be a problem for me. I don’t have a husband. All I have is a cat. A big mean cat. Maybe I’ll get to go to his planet. Lonely Cheryl on Planet Cat

SHELDON (to TAM): I like her. She’s funny.

That’s the thing about religion. If you’re not already indoctrinated in the beliefs, trying to explain a consecrated communion wafer or where Mormons think they’ll go when they die never sounds logical to anyone prepared to think critically about it.

Later in the episode, after conducting his research, he decides to create his own religion, Mathology, where the only sin is “being stupid.”

I could get on board with that one.

(Thanks to Edward for the link)

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