Republican Former Lawmaker Kills Himself in Response to Child Molestation Probe January 11, 2018

Republican Former Lawmaker Kills Himself in Response to Child Molestation Probe

An Idaho Republican lawmaker who resigned in disgrace following an investigation into possible “sexual abuse” has apparently committed suicide. It turns out the sexual abuse being investigated was the molestation of two young girls.

Former State Rep. Brandon A. Hixon, who has been accused of inappropriate touching multiple times over several years, shot himself after a few of the allegations (and police investigations) became public. Following his resignation, he was arrested twice for drunk driving and charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest, according to the Associated Press.

Records obtained by The Associated Press also show that Hixon was previously the focus of a separate police investigation in 2014 after he was accused of inappropriate touching. At the time, Hixon denied the accusations and told police he was worried the allegations would harm his political career.

Since the suicide, Hixon’s ex-wife has spoken out about the issue. She says he was under investigation for molesting two young girls, including a female relative who was abused for more than 10 years.

Former colleagues at the Idaho Statehouse have offered kind words about Hixon, but his ex-wife Danielle Eirvin Hixon said the suicide robbed her family’s hopes of finding justice and closure through the legal system.

She told the Associated Press in an interview Wednesday that she told police about the abuse and that her ex-husband raped and inappropriately touched one of the alleged female victims for about 11 years.

I couldn’t agree with her more. Instead of letting the justice system do its job, he took his own life and is now being hailed as a hero by his former co-workers in the political world. The man who allegedly committed these monstrous acts will never have to feel any guilt or remorse. And he leaves the world a worse place for having been in it.

Hixon was able to do these horrible things, his ex-wife says, by using his conservative Christian persona.

“Brandon made people believe that he was a stand-up, morally correct person,” said Hixon, who was married to the former lawmaker for 10 years until their divorce in 2016. “But behind the house walls, he would cheat on me and molested children.”

Hixon’s suicide comes about a month after the death of Dan Johnson, who had a similar story. He was also accused of sexually assaulting a minor, and he, too, killed himself before any trial.

More facts will come out on both of these cases in the coming months, but we may never know everything that happened because these men chose to take the easy way out instead of taking any responsibility for what they had done. Suicide isn’t always a cowardly act, but when you’re avoiding serving time for your sex crimes against children, it certainly is.

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