Conspiracy Crackpot Liz Crokin Was Talking About Jesus When the Lights Went Out January 11, 2018

Conspiracy Crackpot Liz Crokin Was Talking About Jesus When the Lights Went Out

Liz Crokin, the right-wing conspiracy theorist who thinks the CIA uses tunnels underneath the Playboy mansion to shuttle child sex slaves and that Donald Trump is never wrong and that Trump secretly posts on 4chan about how he’s going to take down the Satanic pedophiles running the world, would like you to know she’s a Christian.

She was explaining all this during a video on her friend Crystal Myers-Barber‘s YouTube channel, but her coming-to-Jesus story ended with a hilarious twist.

Crokin, who was introduced by Myers-Barber as an “investigative journalist” for some reason, said at the 12:10 mark that she has accepted Jesus. But by the end of the story, it almost seemed like God was sending her a sign…

CROKIN: … I got very sick a few years ago, and it brought me closer to God, and I do feel and I’ve felt like I was reborn, but I guess, you know, I didn’t get baptized again or anything like that, but when you said that prayer, I did feel my heart was made official. And it’s amazing because right after that happened, like, I slept well that night… normally, I have nightmares every night ’cause covering sex trafficking, it’s almost… I have nightmares every night, and I didn’t have a nightmare that night, and I’ve felt, like, at such peace, and, like, right after we did that prayer, like, all these good things started happening to me, and it’s, like…

MYERS-BARBER: Oh my gosh, the lights just went out.

A conspiracy theorist who finds irrational meaning in everything surely came up with an explanation for that random incident, right?

You damn well know it.

The two began recording again and attributed the temporary blackout to… demonic attacks.

… we’re talking about all these topics, and the second we start talking about Jesus Christ and my faith and how I’ve been saved, the lights have gone off! And here’s where I know that, like, the spiritual war is real. And Jesus Christ really is our savior is because when stuff like this happens, it just confirms it for me.

She went on to give herself credit for exposing the “Luciferians” and “Satanists” — whom she wrongly claims believe in a literal devil — since they’re now clearly retaliating against her.


(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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