Jim Bakker: The Amtrak Derailment Was a Sign from God of Something Something January 3, 2018

Jim Bakker: The Amtrak Derailment Was a Sign from God of Something Something

Remember that Amtrak train derailment that occurred in Washington a week before Christmas? While the crash may have been attributable to human error — the train was going too fast around a curve (for reasons we don’t know yet) — it was also a new train on a relatively new stretch of tracks.

Televangelist Jim Bakker isn’t waiting for the investigation to be completed. He knows this crash was a sign from God, just like when God allowed all those people on the Titanic to die.

“What do you think that train going off the tracks in Washington state was?” he asked, rhetorically. “What is the spiritual side? Why is it right now, at this time of the year?”

“The great preachers of all times have said the Titanic is God’s warning,” Bakker said, “and I believe — here again, one of the fast new trains, brand new, crashed off the tracks on its maiden voyage — people, you had better listen to what is going on.”

So, to summarize, God killed three people and injured many others a week before Christmas because… something.

Was God trying to warn us against infrastructure spending? Were there awful people on that train? Was God really pissy about marriage equality being legal? Was God trying to send a message to those West Coast liberal elites? Was Bakker trying to prove God’s power in order to sell more buckets of food?

You know it’s the last one. It’s always the last one. Because a train wreck is also an appropriate metaphor for everything Bakker does.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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