A Noah’s Ark Replica in the Netherlands Broke Free and Caused Enormous Damage January 3, 2018

A Noah’s Ark Replica in the Netherlands Broke Free and Caused Enormous Damage

In the biblical myth, Noah put two of every animal onto his ark, along with his family, to protect them from the Great Flood and then start creating life once again.

In the Netherlands, a Noah’s Ark replica just put a lot of people who weren’t on the boat in danger.

The VerhalenArk, a Bible-themed museum in the Port of Urk — think Ken Ham‘s boat minus the $100 million — sailed adrift this afternoon and ultimately crashed into several boats docked along the IJsselmeer lake.

Several people and animals were aboard the vessel at the time it broke free of its moorings, De Stentor reported. Seven people were rescued off the museum, but the animals remained into the evening.

The owner of the boat, Aad Peters, told Omroep Flevoland he was stunned by the damage caused by his ship. “We have been on the road for years and have experienced many storms, but this has never happened before,” Peters said.

“This has never happened before” is also what rational people say about Noah’s Ark.

Thankfully, no one’s been hurt and the animals should be okay. I hope. It would be ironic, I suppose, if the animals died precisely because they were on the ark… It’s unclear if Peters will be held responsible for all the damage he caused. The 70-meter-long ark actually began floating away last month, but Peters thought he had figured out a way to keep it in place. Turns out that didn’t work, and God was nowhere to be found as the ark went on its path of destruction.

(Thanks to Hinse for the link)

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