Lindsay Lohan Thinks Her Snake Bite Means “Good Luck and Positive Energy” December 29, 2017

Lindsay Lohan Thinks Her Snake Bite Means “Good Luck and Positive Energy”

Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan was bitten by a snake in Thailand, but don’t worry: she says her shaman told her it was “good luck and positive energy.”


Lohan suffered a snakebite during her vacation in the city of Phuket, E! reports.

The 31-year-old actress took to Instagram Story Thursday to share a picture of her snake bite. In the first video post, Lindsay showed her social media followers the view from her location in Phuket, Thailand.

“I love this, it’s so beautiful, amazing place… aside from my snake bite,” she said.

In a second video, Lindsay shared with her followers, “Hi! I’m still in Phuket in Thailand, it’s beautiful here and yeah I got bit by a snake on a hike the other day.”

Lohan, who spent the Christmas holiday in Thailand, didn’t identify the particular snake. She did, however, put a positive spin on the experience.

“The positive side of it is, I’m OK. Happy New Year and God bless. Ciao,” Lindsay said in another video. She then added later, “Actually my shaman told me it was good luck and positive energy so God bless.”

Yes, “God bless” because of this bite from an unidentified snake in an area that is known for having dozens of venomous species. The notion that this event could mean “good luck and positive energy” is laughable — almost as much as the fact that Lohan has a “shaman” at all.

Shamanism isn’t a defined practice — it is mostly used as a catch-all term to apply to various witchcraft practitioners among native communities. The term was first used by Western anthropologists and has been applied in a broad sense since then. It is often used by pseudo-scientific healers who take advantage of people who don’t know any better.

Which means someone who uses a western description of a vague practice involving altered states of consciousness told Lohan her snakebite was good luck, and that was good enough for her!

I’m no expert, but the bite looks pretty bad to me. She should see a real doctor to prevent further damage.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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