Christian Preacher Blames Jews for Hollywood, Adult Films, and Human Trafficking December 29, 2017

Christian Preacher Blames Jews for Hollywood, Adult Films, and Human Trafficking

Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson has a new backdrop for his sermons, but he’s spewing the same vile Bible-based bigotry as usual. In his latest sermon, he spent time condemning Jews for running Hollywood (with the “homos”) and pretending that Hitler wasn’t really a Christian.

But, in general, the Jews are one of the most wicked nations on the planet, and they have been known as that for a very long time.

[Mockingly says, “That’s anti-Semitic!”] Hey, it’s true.

It’s a fact that they are behind the pornography industry, that they are behind Hollywood, that they run the media.

Look, you don’t even have to be a Christian or read the Bible to know that. Even anyone in Hollywood would tell you that Hollywood is run by Jews and homos. That’s what they’ll tell you.

We’ve talked to them when we’re working on our movies, and we used different people in Hollywood to provide certain technical skills, and so forth. They said, “We can’t work with you, because everybody in Hollywood is either a Jew or a homo, and you’ve offended both!” And you know what? Hollywood is as wicked as hell. Hollywood is perverting not just America but the whole world.

And who runs it? The Jews.

Who runs the banking industry? The Jews.

Who runs the pornography, the human trafficking, the prostitution rings in Los Angeles, California? It’s the Jews.

You say, well, how dare you. Well look, the Bible says the wrath of God is on them. The Bible says they hate our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Why did it surprise you that they would be behind a lot of this wickedness? But if you say that, you know, you’re “not politically correct” or … “you’re a racist.” How can I be racist when I’m white and they’re white? We’re both white people!

Those Jews are as white as snow! They have red hair and freckles! You know, but it’s like, “Oh, you’re racist.” It’s not a race, it’s a religion. Sorry, Adolf Hitler. Hitler said it’s a race. No, wrong, Hitler; it’s a religion. It’s not a race. That’s a false doctrine.

You say, “You’re like Hitler!” Hey, Hitler was a Darwinian evolutionist. For him, it was about race. Not a Christian. Even if, publicly, he said, “God bless Germany,” like George Bush or somebody would say “God Bless America,” if you read his private writings, he hated Christianity. He despised Christianity.

There’s no need to explain in great detail why he’s wrong about all of these points. It’s not worth it. The people who believe all this nonsense aren’t going to be swayed by the facts or evidence of his logical fallacies.

His bigotry speaks for itself. Being “politically incorrect” isn’t his problem; it’s the unabashed hatred he has for people who don’t believe as he does. He’s said similarly awful things about gay people and feminists.

This should go without saying, but every single person who attends a church like this is complicit in the anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-woman rhetoric. By remaining in a church that preaches hate against another group of people, you’re supporting their business.

Anderson only spews this hate because he has plenty of support for it. No, he doesn’t draw in huge crowds like a megachurch, but he’s not alone in these beliefs, and that may be the scariest thing about independent fundamental Baptist preachers like him.

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