Denmark’s Public Schools Celebrate Christmas By Taking Field Trips to Church December 25, 2017

Denmark’s Public Schools Celebrate Christmas By Taking Field Trips to Church

Even though Denmark is one of the more secular countries in the world, the celebration of Christmas is dominant everywhere as part of the culture. Public school students even attend a church service to sing songs and hear the Lord’s Prayer. It’s a Republican’s wet dream, just in another country.

This practice began around the turn of the century, in part due to backlash after an influx of Muslim citizens. But this year, after a school decided not to take kids to church, it raised the question of why the tradition still exists and why such an otherwise inclusive nation would promote Christianity when most people don’t really give a damn.


NPR has the story:

[REPORTER SIDSEL] OVERGAARD: The issue flared up again recently when one school announced it would cancel its Christmas service in consideration of other religions. Many fingers immediately pointed to the country’s Muslim population. One local politician said the school was kneeling to Islam. But school leaders say the decision was not based on complaints from parents, Muslim or otherwise. And [Professor Brian Arly] Jacobsen says opposition to Christmas celebrations usually comes from nonbelieving Danes.

One government official offered a compromise solution of sorts: Instead of visiting a church, visit a church, mosque, and synagogue!

Here’s a better solution: Leave the churchgoing to the families and do a better job of educating students during school hours. They don’t need to attend worship services in order to understand what different people believe.

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