GOP Candidate for TX Gov: “I’d Gladly Execute” Gay People (Like the Bible Says) December 24, 2017

GOP Candidate for TX Gov: “I’d Gladly Execute” Gay People (Like the Bible Says)

The race to replace Greg Abbott as Governor of Texas already has a number of candidates who plan to run in the primaries. While most are Democrats, Abbott himself will face a Republican primary challenger in Larry SECEDE Kilgore. (His middle name is literally “SECEDE.”) Four years ago, Kilgore took 1.4% of the primary votes compared to Abbott’s 91.5%, so you can call this an uphill climb, but Kilgore also takes the party’s anti-LGBTQ agenda to its logical extremes.


Kilgore, who says he won’t cut his beard off “until Texas has laws that can protect unborn children,” also believes gay people (and other “sinners”) should be executed because the Bible demands it.


I’d gladly execute a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter. Biblical law is a blessin.

That’s some Christian bloodlust right there. Kilgore’s platform also includes the abolition of public schools, ending welfare and social security, and replacing prisons with public shaming and/or the death penalty.

What’s scary is that, given the type of people who support Donald Trump and Roy Moore no matter what they do, there are bound to be voters who see the devout Kilgore and say, “Why not?” That’s what happened in 2008, during a Senate primary against John Cornyn, when he scraped out more than 225,000 GOP votes.

How many Christians this year won’t care that he wants LGBTQ people murdered because he’s pointing to the Bible for justification? He’s not going to win the primary, but it’s disturbing to think he could still get hundreds of thousands of votes along the way.

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