Podcast Ep. 196: The CDC’s Word Ban Is Only Kinda Scary December 23, 2017

Podcast Ep. 196: The CDC’s Word Ban Is Only Kinda Scary

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.


We talked about:

— Did the CDC really ban words like “science-based” and “transgender”? (1:21)

— An Oregon atheist threatened to sue over a religious street banner, but he has no case. (5:42)

— An Australian politician plans to defend Christianity against mockery. (9:49)

Ivanka Trump wishes everyone “Happy Holidays!” (16:45)

— It doesn’t matter that the BBC’s Head of Religious Programming is an atheist. (17:45)

— OKCupid says liking Donald Trump is a dealbreaker for users. (21:26)

— Democratic men are more likely to be feminist than Republican women. (23:50)

— A Milwaukee priest came out as gay, everyone celebrated it, but it’s still heartbreaking. (30:57)

Cardinal Law is dead. (38:11)

— “Feminism” is Mirriam-Webster’s Word of the Year. (41:37)

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