Private Qur’an Tutor Arrested for Molesting Two Girls Under 14 December 22, 2017

Private Qur’an Tutor Arrested for Molesting Two Girls Under 14

An Oregon man who ran a company providing private Qur’an tutoring and instruction was arrested on Wednesday for seven counts of sex abuse after two clients under the age of 14 said he inappropriately kissed and touched them.


Police say there are likely more victims of Muhammad L. Hasan, the 50-year-old man who allegedly abused these young girls, and encouraged anyone with more information to contact the authorities.

Hasan was indicted last week by a Washington County Grand Jury.

The sex abuse investigation headed by Tigard Police, involved two female juvenile victims. The abuse reportedly began in 2016 when both girls were clients of Hasan at his Tigard business. Hasan operated AICQ, which provided private instruction on the Quran.

The seven counts of sex abuse involve inappropriate kissing and sexual touching, according to local reports.

Hasan’s indictment lists six counts of first-degree sex abuse and a single count of third-degree sex abuse. He’s accused of kissing one of the girls on multiple occasions and touching another’s breast or breasts, according to the document.

As an expert in the Qur’an, it’s possible Hasan was just following the lead of his prophet, Muhammad. After all, the founder of Islam himself married Ayesha when she was only nine years old. Unfortunately for Hasan, I don’t think that is going to be legally defensible in a United States court.

One thing we do know for sure is that this type of behavior isn’t limited to one holy book or religion.

In fact, we just posted a similar story this morning about a teacher at a Christian school (also in Oregon, oddly enough) who had a long-term sexual relationship with her own student, beginning when the boy was only 15. She had even claimed that God “opened the door” to work at the school, and that she felt “called to work with youth.”

While the Qur’an and the Bible each display instances in which sex with children is justified by God, this may be more about authority than anything else. In both cases, the attacker took advantage of his or her position, which they had only because of the trust people gave them due to the subject matter. They used that trust to abuse kids under their care.

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