This Pastor Knew Trump’s Evangelical Council Was a Waste of Time by Meeting #2 December 21, 2017

This Pastor Knew Trump’s Evangelical Council Was a Waste of Time by Meeting #2

African American megachurch pastor A.R. Bernard is the first (and so far only) member of Donald Trump‘s Evangelical Advisory Board who has publicly left the group.

Last night, Samantha Bee aired a segment with Bernard where she asked him why he joined (he thought he could bring about change) and when he knew he wanted to leave (“Meeting two”).

Bee asked the right questions, including why the evangelical community remains behind Trump despite his obvious flaws and what Bernard would say to his fellow leaders still in the group.

I didn’t love his answers, though I appreciated his willingness to play along. What I really wanted to hear, but didn’t, was why he ever thought Trump would listen to him. Plenty of critics could’ve told you a long time ago that Trump doesn’t give a damn what religious leaders think — much less a black leader who cares about improving the inner cities. And yet Bernard signed on to the council, allowing Trump to use his name to gain a foothold in the evangelical community.

Does he regret that? We never found out.

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