The Wait is Over: Here’s the Melodramatic Trailer for God’s Not Dead 3 December 19, 2017

The Wait is Over: Here’s the Melodramatic Trailer for God’s Not Dead 3

Forget The Room. When it comes to bad movies that seem to turn a profit for no good reason, you know this is the movie you’ve been waiting for. It’s the third film in the God’s Not Dead series, called God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness.

The Pure Flix film doesn’t have Kevin Sorbo or Melissa Joan Hart, but it does star John Corbett (of Sex and the City and My Big Fat Greek Wedding) as an atheist attorney.

The description on the movie’s official website is… sparse.

A church destroyed. A congregation silenced. A relationship shattered. Yet even in life’s darkest valleys, a small flame can light the way toward healing and hope.

After a deadly fire rips through St. James Church, Hadleigh University leaders use the tragedy to push the congregation off campus, forcing the church to defend its rights and bringing together estranged brothers for a reunion that opens old wounds and forces them to address the issues that pulled them apart.

Since these movies usually take a real issue, exaggerate it beyond belief, then pretend it’s a real example of “Christian persecution,” it sounds like a controversy resembling what we saw last year at Oklahoma’s East Central University, where a university-run chapel was the target of a complaint by a church/state separation group. The school initially promised to remove the cross on top of the building along with the crosses and bibles inside, turning it into a space for everyone instead of a default Christian church, but they later reversed course. (The movie was likely written before that incident happened.)

The trailer suggests that the pastor character played by David A. R. White may have set fire to his own church. Why would he do that? Maybe for insurance money? Maybe to blame it on atheists? Maybe to get Christians fired up about their faith? Who knows.

USA Today also notes that the movie opens with the pastor getting released from prison. At the end of God’s Not Dead 2, he was arrested for not handing his sermons over to the government, something that conservative Christians alleged happened in Texas because the government was trying to silence them… even though that wasn’t the case at all.

The IMDB page for the film currently says, “Plot unknown.” That may be the most accurate description for a Christian movie I’ve ever seen. Because there’s never a real plot. We only ever see bits of a story for the sole purpose of evangelism. Which is to say you never have to worry about spoilers for a Christian movie because we always know how they end. In this case, the church will likely become stronger than ever before as more college students find God by the end of the film. (That’s how you know it’s fiction.)

The movie will be in theaters on March 30. But don’t worry if you miss it. It won’t be long before you can pick up your own copy in the bargain bin at your local Walmart.

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