Christian “Prophet”: Trump Will Soon Release Cures for Cancer and Alzheimer’s December 18, 2017

Christian “Prophet”: Trump Will Soon Release Cures for Cancer and Alzheimer’s

Self-proclaimed Christian “prophet” Mark Taylor has a fantastic track record when it comes to his predictions. Earlier this year, for example, he predicted that Hillary Clinton would have turned churches into mosques had she been president, and that’s obviously true.

So what other wisdom is he doling out now?

Over the weekend, Taylor appeared on The Edge, a totally modern Christian show hosted by what I can only assume is a cosplaying cowboy.

Taylor claimed that Trump is just biding his time before doing all the good stuff. He’s focused on rooting out corruption in Big Pharma right now, but during his second term, he’s going to announce cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s.


Taylor told host Daniel Ott that Trump’s priority during his first term is cleaning out the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, which already has such cures but has been keeping them secret because “big pharma doesn’t want you well, they want you sick because that is how they make their money.”

Once Trump eliminates the corruption, Taylor said, we’ll “be fixing to see cures for medical conditions begin to come forth … We’ve had cures for this stuff, Daniel, for years, for decades; for cancer, we’ve got cures out there for Alzheimer’s, all kinds of diseases out there, the cures are there.”

“This could be in [Trump’s] second term that a lot of this stuff starts happening,” Taylor said. “You’re going to see this stuff begin to be released.”

Taylor seems to think these companies are just sitting on cures waiting for the Trump Bat Signal to appear. Look: If companies had the cure for cancer available, they’d go through whatever approval process they needed to and start cashing in immediately. They’re not just waiting for Trump to finish another batch of insult tweets or another round of golf or the end of the Russia investigation.

Trump won’t cure cancer. Trump can’t even cure his own ignorance.

On the other hand, people like Taylor and Trump are doing one hell of a good job curing people of Christianity.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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