Australian Senator Trolls Conservatives with Sign Mocking “War on Christmas” December 18, 2017

Australian Senator Trolls Conservatives with Sign Mocking “War on Christmas”

Hand it to Australians. They know how to troll conservatives right where it hurts: By mocking the idea that everyone celebrates Christmas.

Politician Nick McKim, who represents the Tasmanian Greens in the Australian Senate, sent this message to fellow Tasmanian and very religious Senator Eric Abetz:


Imagine Al Franken doing something like that to Ted Cruz and you get an idea of what’s going on. The point isn’t to mock Christmas. It’s to mock the idea that Christmas is the only game in town.

McKim didn’t stop there. He had a simple message for all of the haters in his comment thread:






They did the same thing to another member of Parliament.

Conservative News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt added that McKim was “not just Christophobic but a cultural vandal.”

McKim told Australian pop culture website Junkee that he was just having some fun.

We asked Nick McKim why he is the way he is, and he told us the banner was “pretty clear satire aimed at the so-called war on Christmas, which we are yet to see any evidence of.”

I wish my life was so stress-free that I could get worked up over people (many of whom aren’t even Christian) not celebrating Christmas. But I’m not a conservative, so what do I know. At least McKim has the festive part of the holiday down pat. He’s spreading cheer while everyone else complains like he committed some grave sin.

(Thanks to Ernie for the link)

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