Queer Disbelief, Our Book About LGBTQ Rights and Atheism, Is Now Available December 17, 2017

Queer Disbelief, Our Book About LGBTQ Rights and Atheism, Is Now Available

I announced a Kickstarter campaign a few months ago for a new book I was working on with Camille Beredjick, who used to write quite a bit for this site about LGBTQ rights.

Specifically, we wanted to explore how the LGBTQ and atheist communities overlapped, where the comparisons broke down, how religion hurt (and helped!) LGBTQ people, and why atheists couldn’t ignore this issue.


You all overwhelmed us with your support. The project hit its goal with days to spare and we’ve spent the past several weeks (since the campaign ended) putting finishing touches on the final product.

I’m so excited to tell you the book is now available for anyone who would like to purchase it. A Kindle edition is coming very soon!

(It makes a wonderful Christmas present. Just sayin’.)

Camille wrote a really amazing book. The amount of research is incredible, the voices she includes are ones I’m not used to hearing, the way she tackled controversial topics with empathy and reason blew me away, and the topic itself is so relevant to everything we post on this site. If you’re a regular reader, you’re going to love this book.

Check it out. Buy a copy or three. And, if we deserve it, please leave some positive reviews!

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