Podcast Ep. 195: Congratulations, Senator Not Roy Moore! December 16, 2017

Podcast Ep. 195: Congratulations, Senator Not Roy Moore!

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.


We talked about:

Doug Jones won the Senate race in Alabama! That means Roy Moore can ride Sassy horribly into the sunset. (1:47)

— Roy Moore’s spokesman doesn’t understand we’re not a theocracy. (11:30)

— Kentucky pastor and State Rep. Dan Johnson killed himself after his lies were exposed by investigative journalists. (21:45)

— Why the Catholic Church covered up the death of Irene Garza. (30:35)

— Liberty Counsel’s “Naughty and Nice” list is more sinister than you think. (34:05)

— What the heck just happened in Israel? (38:21)

Donald Trump just ruined Christmas in Jesus’ hometown. (41:49)

— The Johnson Amendment repeal won’t be in the GOP’s tax scam bill. (43:30)

— The Mormon Church was teaching a lot of lies about homosexuality in 1981. (49:33)

Christianity was the big loser in Alabama’s election. (58:10)

— How to tell your kids about Santa without lying to them. (1:04:24)

— Satanists want $35,000 from a Minnesota town for a monument they built but couldn’t use. (1:07:44)

— The CDC is banning words like “science” and “evidence” from budget documents. (1:14:14)

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